Making the most out of your online marketing dollars

My Process

Creating your strategy
Optimising your strategy
Measuring your strategy
Reducing your costs
Further refinement

Creating your strategy

Most businesses know they need to be seen online, however most don’t know how to go about it in a planned and strategic way. This is a key reason why most businesses are disappointed with their online marketing.

Make no mistake – effective strategy and planning will save you money and increase your returns in the long run.

Regardless of which type of package you choose with me the key factor is to define what your goals are and how we go about achieving them. Just as important is to arrive at a realistic budget and to understand what results you can expect from marketing your business online.

Optimising your strategy

Making changes on the first day is usually not advisable unless something is clearly not functioning with your campaign.

Generally I like to have my client’s campaigns running for at least one week before tackling optimisation. The reason is simple: I need as much data as possible to gain a true understanding of how consumers are engaging with your campaign.

Optimisation should be an ongoing process regardless of your campaign type.

Measuring your strategy

Your campaign must be measured to ensure sound decisions are made about optimising, tweaking and editing for success. It’s obviously vitally important for you to understand if you are achieving your goals and a return on your marketing investment.

Tenacity measures all campaign types and can report on almost any parameter you’d like to name*.

SEO and PPC clients now receive monthly pdf reports via email.

*Customised reporting may incur additional charges

Cost reduction

Cost reduction has an obvious benefit to your bottom line but did you know that Adwords can “penalise” a particular keyword if the bid is too high? Think about that. What if your best performing keyword could actually be used more often if its bid was reduced?

Cost reduction is always in the forefront of my mind for all of my clients, regardless of whether it’s an email marketing campaign, social media, or PPC. In any case, Tenacity will always advise you on the most cost effective way of creating and maintaining an online campaign.

Further refinement

Testing is vitally important. Think of it as a kind of Darwinian process where the best performing campaign or ad gets split or customised in a measurable way. The more successful version of your campaign or ad gets promoted while the poorly performing campaign gets dropped.

If we don’t push the boundaries of your campaign we’ll never know what we can really achieve out of them.

Depending on the type and level of your campaign, Tenacity can test* various types of landing pages, content, email structure and so on.

*Testing may incur additional charges